Sign up list for week 1 now closed!

Tomorrow is our first Choir 17 rehearsal woohoo! The sign up list is now closed, but if you are still interested in joining the choir – and if you haven’t already e-mailed me – please drop me a line and I will get back to you after the session to let you know about week 2 onward: it’s likely that spaces will free up. Thank you everyone for your support, the response has been amazing and I can’t wait.  Rosie xx

Only a few spaces left…

Woohoo!  The week of our first rehearsal is finally upon us – VERY exciting!  Around 65 people are now on the list, so allowing for a bit of give and take that will make for an absolutely BUZZING session.  If you haven’t signed up yet it’s important that you let me know you’re coming so that I can make sure there is space for everyone.  I’ll be limiting it at around 70 on the night, but may be able to open up more spaces for weeks 2 and 3.  Keep an eye on this page for further updates.  Can’t wait to get singing! Rosie xx

Important information about the 1st rehearsal on Wed27th Sep

Only 3.5 weeks to go now until our first rehearsal and the great news is that over 50 people have now e-mailed me to say they would like to come along on the first evening. This is amazing, and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic night for our fledgling choir.  I’m checking with the venue about maximum numbers, but just to be sure – if you are definitely planning to come along (and haven’t already e-mailed me via the website form / other) then please e-mail me on and let me know, so I can make sure you are on the list. I’m hoping we won’t have to turn anyone away but just in case… Rosie xx

5 weeks to go and… Choir 17 featured in local press!

Exciting news on many fronts!  As well as there now only being five weeks to go until our first rehearsal on 27th September, we have also hit the local headlines!  The awesome Waltham Forest Guardian decided to run a feature on the Choir and talk about the many benefits of singing. Check it out here. We now have a massive 40 people now on the sign up list so make sure that if you’re thinking of coming along you get in touch to let us know. Whoop!


2 months to go…

The countdown continues to our first rehearsal at CentrE17 on Wed 27th September.  There’s been a lot of interest so far and the music is coming along a treat!  Can’t wait to get started and make some sweet, sweet music in Walthamstow.  Don’t forget to drop me a line via the join us page if you’re thinking of coming along.  Whoop! Rosie x

Only 12 weeks to go!

There are just 12 weeks until we launch at CentrE17 on Wednesday 27th September.  Our first three songs are taking shape very nicely and we have lots of people signed up to come along and sing their hearts out.  EXCITING TIMES.  If you would like to come along it’d be great if you could let us know in advance either by filling in the form on the join us page, or by joining the event on Facebook.

Join us

Choir 17 is launching on 27th September 2017 at a central Walthamstow location (near Walthamstow Central), on Wednesday evenings.  Our first new members are now starting to register, which is VERY exciting.  If you’d like to come along please visit our join us page. Whoop.